Sailing Miss Informed: A Sailing Journey Aboard S/V Miss Informed! » Follow our journey through the Bahamas as we escape Winter 2015!

Are We There Yet?

When we woke up, it was time to really start digging into the engine issue. I remembered that when I was back in Fort Lauderdale, I had swapped out the automotive fuel pump that I installed last year (ironically also in West End) for a fuel ball valve. The automotive fuel pump was clearly not meant to last in saltwater conditions and it was rusting pretty bad. Before a leak began to spring I just figured I would swap it out, knowing I’d eventually have to anyways. Is it possible that there was air in the line and if so, why would we just now notice this AFTER a 10 hour sail? It didn’t make much sense but at least this was a simple thing to troubleshoot. I loosened the fuel line at the injectors as Cass squeezed the ball valve. Bubbles appeared and once they were gone, we tightened up the fuel lines on the three injectors and fired up the engine. It ran great! Surprised and a bit suspicious that we had fixed a problem with the engine without Google or a phone call, we let it run at high RPM for a little while before truly believing that was our problem. Well, at least it APPEARS that this was our problem. We wanted to get to Green Turtle Cay quickly and that meant leaving West End ASAP. We made plans to leave the following morning. That night we met Roy and Joe, two sailors who had also just arrived at West End to clear into customs and immigration. They, too, were heading to Green Turtle Cay and so the decision was made to buddy boat.

We sailed out at 7am the following morning. We sailed to Great Sale Cay, about 55 nautical miles away from West End. From there, we were another 50 miles from Green Turtle Cay. Just as we had escaped the site of land we were greeted by a small yellow-bellied, fearless bird. As the trip went on, the little guy was emboldened by the fact that we hadn’t scared him away and decided it would be a good idea to enter the Miss Informed as Cass was making lunch. The next 3-4 hours the bird would hop around the cabin dodging Cass as she tried shoeing the bird out of any open window she could. She failed miserably and lunch was very cold that day. When we arrived at Great Sale Cay we anchored on the Northwest shoreline and shared a few drinks before calling it a night.


The next morning we cruised on, debating on whether or not to stop in at Spanish Cay Marina. Cass and I decided it would be best to go to Spanish Cay, as it’s only 35 nautical miles away and we had some work to get done before the end of the work day. When we arrived there about 7 hours later, we were surprised to see that our friends that had been solely running everything on the island last year were gone. We were also surprised to find that there was no internet anywhere within the marina or office area. When we decided we’d try our luck in the bar, we startled a woman laying in a booth, sobbing… The woman, who clearly worked their, jumped to her feet and left the room. This raised an eyebrow on both of our heads but there was no time to investigate, we needed internet. The wifi in the bar was also not working and so we untied from the dock and left. Roy and Joe followed along as we motored to Powell Cay, just East of Spanish Cay, and dropped anchor just after sunset. In the morning we’d motor to Green Turtle Cay, only 3 hours away, and find a mooring ball to tie up to in White Sound.


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