Sailing Miss Informed: A Sailing Journey Aboard S/V Miss Informed! » Follow our journey through the Bahamas as we escape Winter 2015!

The Miss Informed Shall Sail NORTH!

There was question as to whether or not we would be continuing our sailing journey aboard the Miss Informed this year. There was also talk of us selling the Miss Informed and buying a larger vessel to sail around on.  Well, neither of these things came to fruition over the summer and we’re getting the boat ready for another sail through the islands. We put her up for sale in Fort Lauderdale and while there was an interested buyer, they came to the table a little late! We’ve been living aboard for two and a half unforgettable years now and while we love the lifestyle and the freedom to sail wherever we choose throughout the winter, there are moments when you wish you had some of the comforts of land. Things like:

  • A large tempur-pedic bed when we’re exhausted from a long sail through the night.
  • Ice cold air conditioning when the heat gets extreme.
  • An ice cold beer to slowly drink when something integral to the boat has broken at the worst possible moment in time and it requires your immediate witty attention.
  • A huge roof over our heads while caught in a lightning storm.
  • A silent nights sleep when you find your anchor dragging at 3AM, 4Am and ummmm 5AM just for fun.
  • A large 4 door refrigerator when you realize the ketchup has fallen and slipped beneath the evaporator.
  • Family and friends around when we’ve found the definition of perfection in a place we know they’ll never get to visit us at.

*bear in mind that these are the moments that you never forget out there. I wouldn’t change a thing about any of the disasters we’ve dealt with (and we’ve dealt with plenty). They teach you more than just how to repair the boat. With every bad situation you get yourself out of, there’s more comfort in knowing you’re more prepared for your next trip.

When on land we miss a lot of the island life. Things like:

  • The sunrises and sunsets from the water.
  • Snorkeling/ free diving an untouched reef.
  • Beachfront potlucks with other sailors.
  • Drinks on deck after finding the perfect anchorage.
  • Forgetting not only what day of the week it is but sometimes losing track of the month (it seriously happens).
  • Exploring new islands.
  • Just the overall peacefulness that surrounds you when there is nothing to stress over.
  • Decision-making based on wind and swell forecasts rather than itineraries and busy schedules.
  • The boaters that we meet along the way! All of them are adventure seekers and live life to the fullest. Some have sold everything to live out their dream of seeing the world by water, some have finally made the jump into retirement and are living the dream they had imagined for so many years behind the desk, and then there are younger cruisers that have managed to dodge life behind a desk one way or another and are still in awe of everything happening around them. Regardless of what brought them to the boat, they’re there, and you most likely have a lot in common.
    • Hank, Adam, Dax, X, Pablo, Lala, Ed, Rosa, Mike M., Jillian, Duncan, Neal, Leesa, Felicie, John, Larry, Lou, Paul, Cap’n Mike, Mauren and Brian, and all of the rest of you we’ve met along the way!

The truth is that when you lay it all out on the table nothing compares to cruising the islands in your home. It is everything we imagined it to be and more. There is no fair way to compare the two lifestyles because they really couldn’t be further apart. We will always be able to look at the cruising lifestyle as a retirement plan (like most of the cruisers we meet), and for that reason we’re going to be coming back to Michigan/ Ontario for a while to build our online businesses and be around family. Family comes first for both of us and we don’t get to see them as much as we should. That being said, this is our last winter cruising The Bahamas for a while and after we’re done exploring the islands, we’ll be sailing the Miss Informed all the way back to Michigan.

Time to get the Miss Informed ready for the 3000 nautical mile trip! For us, that includes a 7-mile wifi extender, another solar panel, refitting our battery bank, a dodger and side enclosure for those cold and windy days (boat windshield), new wooden floors, a redesigned boom tent and front cover, a new exhaust elbow for the engine, replaced the sacrificial sunbrella on our genoa sail, and the trim mechanism on the tender. Expensive stuff but most of it was necessary for the upcoming voyage. Everything is scheduled to be done by October 20th!

Cheers to making this trip the best one yet! Hope to see some of you out there in the waves.

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