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I Guess Nassau Isn’t All Bad

After spending a couple of weeks in Staniel Cay, one of the most beautiful places in the world, Nassau was looking like a prison sentence. It’s not the dirty diapers or the tires floating through the channel in a constant stream that bother us as much as the crime. Going to sleep and never knowing if the barefoot bandit will be climbing onboard that night or not. Regardless of our feelings towards the city, we had no choice but to sail back there to get the tender engine looked at. In the out-islands of the Bahamas it’s hard to do anything without a working tender to get you on and offshore. It was a 70 mile sail straight to downtown Nassau and when we arrived, we docked up right in front of SOS Marine, the Mercury dealer on the island. After hearing about our issues with the tender he had us bring it around to his dock. Two hours later the engine was once again purring like a kitten. Like always, there were two separate issues with the engine. A wiring issue that prevented it from starting up and a failed thermostat which was forcing it to always run cold, letting gas through the cylinders and into the oil compartment.

With a fully functional Dink and no real agenda, we thought it best to check out Bay Street Marina in the channel that a couple boaters had raved about back in Staniel Cay. It’s expensive at $3.00/ ft/ day but when you figure that you’re only other option is to be tied up in the slums of Nassau for $2.50/ ft/ day, it is an amazing value. Their docks are new, it’s gated, they have a captain’s lounge, two nice dockside restaurants, a pool, and SECURITY.  We decided to stay the week and try to get Jimmy to fly back out to the Bahamas for a weekend visit. It didn’t take much prodding before his flight was booked and he arrived on the island with yet another tall Jimmy to join in on the fun. The Jimmys’ partied hard that weekend and at the end of it, we met Mike, the captain of a 110′ yacht across the dock from us. He invited us on his “tender”, a 34′ Jupiter with two 350 Yahama’s on the back, to head over to Rose Island. It was Jimmy #1’s last day in Nassau and the decision was an easy one. We motored over to the private island that is famed for a crew bar called Sandy Toes. If you’re ever in Nassau or anywhere on New Providence, it’s a must-see stop. There are anchorages on both sides of the island but the best holding and the best protection is on the south side of Rose Island. The next day the Jimmy’s were gone but our festivities with Mike and his crew were just beginning.

The next several days were spent motoring two and from Rose Island and the fish fry with Mike and the crew, often times just with Mike. If we were back in the 1700’s, there would most certainly be a mutiny onboard the yacht and Mike would have been walking the plank. Instead, we’re in 2015 and that means that if the captain doesn’t want you around, you’re gone, which is exactly what happened. The cook and one of the crew members, both very green in the marine industry, had screwed up one too many times and were eventually given the old boot to the behind. They were also dating so it was definitely a package deal. There was another crew member, Sam, who was young but definitely knew his way around a boat. Sam and Mike continued on our daily trips to Sandy Toes until we got a new visitor, Mario.

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