Sailing Miss Informed: A Sailing Journey Aboard S/V Miss Informed! » Follow our journey through the Bahamas as we escape Winter 2015!

Dinosaur Island

We arrived in Allens Cay late at night and dropped anchor near the Iguana beach. The next morning we all got on the Miss Led and drove her towards the beautiful beach on Allens. From a half mile out we could see small black dots roaming the island and as we got closer, the small black dots turned into gigantic, blood-thirsty iguanas! These iguanas are a big tourist attraction in the Exumas and cruisers and tourists come here to see and feed the Iguanas. We met a man and a kid who we thought was his son and they shared their Iguana food with us. However it didn’t take long to realize that this kid was a spoiled brat and that this man was more of a guardian than a father… Regardless, the beach was beautiful and the Iguanas were amazing to see.

When we got back to the boat we noticed a peculiar sound coming from the engine. A quick inspection revealed some sort of leak. From the looks of it, we were certain it was oil. A dark brown, thick substance was leaking from the top pulley that appeared to be loose. This was devastating news… We were 2.5 miles from Highbourne Cay where we needed to secure the boat to a dock and diagnose/ fix the issue at hand. The wind was coming strong from the East and the entrance into Highbourne is far too narrow to sail through. We thought it best to motor there slowly as someone from inside the boat kept an eye on the engine. The leak was gone but the squeaking was not. About a half hour later we arrived safely in our slip without the boat breaking down.

Highbourne Cay is one of the more expensive places you can visit in The Bahamas. Megayachts anchor just West of the island when there isn’t room along one of the two 185′ piers. We heard that the owner of the Redskins owned one of the anchored yachts if that puts it in perspective for you. Oddly enough, the kid that was on Allens Cay with us was on that massive yacht and the man that was with him was the captain of the yacht. On the second day we were there a seaplane landed in front of our marina and a beautiful wooden boat (the yachts tender) pulled up beside the plane and that little kid got off and hopped on the plane.

The next day we got in touch with the island’s mechanic. A quick explanation to the mechanic on-site and the whole thing was diagnosed in a matter of seconds. It was the fresh water circulating pump that had failed. The owner of the marina and the mechanic on the island used to own a Yanmar dealership in Nassau and so it was no more than a day later before the part was in our hands and being installed. I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again… It’s incredible the way things unfold for us sometimes. Big lows followed quickly by even bigger highs. Before we left the small island we all thought it best to celebrate Brian’s 30th birthday, again. Speeches were given, drinks were drank, and cakes were delivered!

In the morning we were off towards Staniel Cay, 18 miles south.

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