Sailing Miss Informed: A Sailing Journey Aboard S/V Miss Informed! » Follow our journey through the Bahamas as we escape Winter 2015!


Our sail from Spanish Wells to the northern tip of the Exumas was certainly an eventful one. It all started with some laid back fishing… Liz and Cass got both poles weighted, lured and in the water at the start of the sail with much (hungry) enthusiasm. If you recall our earlier blogs, we mentioned that we had not caught even a single fish yet!!! After about two hours the enthusiasm quickly faded and while the lines remained in the water the fisherman drifted into other sailing activities. Sure enough, about an hour later, Cass picked up her rod and she knew she either had a small fish or a large piece of sea grass…it was a fish! A small Yellowtail Snapper, perfect for dinner! There was a lot of cheering and excitement from everyone on board as Captain Brian filleted the fish and put him on ice. Immediately afterwards the fishing lines were tossed back into the water in hopes of a second fish to fill our tummies, however the wind gods had other things in mind…Winds picked up and the fishing lines began to tangle with the dingy’s line (which is dragged behind the boat). Cass thought it was best to pull the dingy in close and jump in to untangle our new fishing rods line and salvage our new lures. Once the lines were untangled Alex began to pull the dingy in close again and as she jumped from the dingy to the sailboat, Cass grabbed the lid to the BBQ (the only thing within reach) and immediately fell backwards as the lid flew open! Luckily she grabbed onto a line and then onto the side of the dingy where she hoisted herself up. To her amazement she was A-Ok… and a few safety lessons were learned.

As soon as Cass was nestled in the safety of the Miss Informed, Liz looks out the starboard side of the boat and says “Brian…isn’t that your yellow life throw over?” and Brian looks over to his right side where the yellow life ring usually sits secured to the side and says “Um…oh boy, yeah I think it is… MAN OVERBOARD DRILL!!!”

It took us about 3 or 4 MOB drills before we grabbed that yellow sucker, worth about $200 so you can see why we definitely wanted it back. Once all that excitement was over, the sun began going down and we spent the rest of the sail reliving our excitement over a few two, tree drinks.

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