Sailing Miss Informed: A Sailing Journey Aboard S/V Miss Informed! » Follow our journey through the Bahamas as we escape Winter 2015!

Man O’ Where???

We left Marsh Harbour around 11:30 AM on January 19th and cruised into the sea without much of a plan on where to go next. Half of the crew wanted to go straight to Hope Town, while some wanted to stop in and check out Man O’ War Cay. This great divide amongst the crew of Miss Informed nearly started a mutiny. After much debate, we decided it was best to let shut-the-box determine how the next 24 hours would play out. Liz won and made the decision to do some sailing in the Sea of Abaco and then end up in Man’O War Cay for the night. Cass made some interesting Bloody Mary’s and we all spent a few hours sailing in no particular direction in light winds and fishing to the best of our limited abilities (no fish were caught on this day).

We arrived in Man O’ War just before sunset. This out-island in the Abacos is one of the oldest settlements in the Bahamas and was populated largely by two families. Two white families. We had read that this is a very reserved, very religious island that was mostly known for their boat-building history. The incestual island had us half intrigued, half creeped out, but was certainly something we had to experience first hand. Within a few minutes of tying up to a mooring ball we were greeted by a jolly, white Amish man on an old dinghy. After collecting his toll he informed us that the whole island was most likely indoors sipping hot tea and getting ready for bed. We thought this an odd thing to say and decided to dinghy ourselves into shore to explore what this island had to offer the five of us. We went into town and walked the roads, which are made for golf carts and not cars. The wind was calm, no lights were present in any of the houses and not a sound could be heard from any of the locals. It seemed a textbook horror plot unfolding right before our eyes. Every couple of minutes we’d hear a whisper or deep heavy breathe come from either side of the narrow paved street. Not entirely sure if it was the wind or an inbred monster lurking in the bushes, we decided that the safe decision was to head back to the boat and check things out further in the morning when we could see our surroundings more clearly.

The next morning we got up to explore the town in the light of day and it turned out to be a beautiful, clean place with very friendly locals. While we enjoyed our morning coffees in the cockpit of the boat, dozens of large sea turtles were spotted near the surface and Cass jumped in, in hopes of swimming and photographing one. Unfortunately the water was deep and dark and she couldn’t see more than a foot or two in front of her. Afterwards, everyone else joined in on the swim, jumping off the boat before heading into town one last time.  A few items were bought in the gift shop and we did another round of the island before we hopped back on the Miss Informed, untied from our mooring ball and headed out the channel towards Hope Town, and we had high hopes indeed.

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